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AROGOS Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using Athinolia olives grown on the slopes of Mount Taigetos. The Athinolia has a smooth, buttery and delicate taste and is famous for growing at high altitudes and in difficult conditions. However, it is a very sensitive olive tree and should weather, climatic, or harvesting conditions vary greatly year to year, the tree may stop producing olives. It is for this reason the Athinolia tree is for expert olive growers and the resulting oil is prized even within the olive growing culture of southern Greece.




Our unripened extra virgin olive oil uses handpicked Koroneiki olives harvested from the unique dry climate of the southern Mani region of the Peloponnese, which is famous for its high quality olives and exceptional olive oil. The olives are picked when they are green and not yet ripe, and pressed into oil, which has a dark colour and is intensely spicy.
When it is produced, the oil has an acidity of approximately 0.2%, which is extremely low, even by the highest standards It is very difficult to find extra virgin olive oil with such a low acidity anywhere in the world. Traditionally, in Greece, this oil has always been kept by farmers for their extended families and personal use and rarely sold.




AROGOS uses hand picked organic Koroneiki, Manaki, and Athinolia olives harvested from the trees of the Sparta region of Lakonia, Greece famous for its high quality agricultural products and exceptional olives. Adhering to the strictest standards of production our carefully cultivated and selected olives are cold pressed using the most advanced technology and a combination of modern and traditional techniques to produce the world s finest organic olive oil. No pesticides or chemicals are used at any stage of cultivation or production and the extra virgin olive oil produced is certified to be 100% organic.




Arogos Traditional Greek “Fleur de Sel”: Nature’s Gift
Arogos traditional Greek fleur de sel is harvested In the Mani region of Lakonia, Greece. For millennia sea salt has been harvested the traditional way in this part of the world. Since ancient times, farmers have collected salt from the rocks on the sea shores in natural ponds. As the water evaporates the sea salt turns into flakey crystals and this is where the name “fleur de sel” or “flower of salt” comes from. We harvest and package our salt according to traditional techniques. Using natural means the salt is scraped and collected manually. This salt is quite simply the best of the best. It is the highest quality, or the caviar, of salts. The salt is 100% natural and no chemicals or preservatives are added. It is rich in natural iodine and has numerous health benefits.