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Arogos: Created From A Vision




Based in Sparta, Greece, and specializing in extra virgin olive oil our aim was to introduce people to the many beneficial health and medicinal properties of olive oil based on the concept of the "Mediterranean Diet". For us, and for all Greeks olive oil is special. Not only is olive oil a culinary delight that can be used on many foods, it is also part of a way of life that can assist people to attain better health especially when certain diseases and medical conditions - such as heart disease - are increasing in almost every country. 

Our goal has always been to bring the highest quality food products to the tables of families in every country, as well as to the best retailers, and highest quality restaurants.  We are committed to supplying extraordinary olive oil and food products to the world.  We also wanted to oversee the entire process, from cultivating olives, to picking the olives, to transporting them, pressing, making the oil, and bottling, packaging, and shipping.  Our vision was to manage and supervise every detail and to maintain very strict quality controls and standards.  AROGOS has brought the dream and vision of producing the best olive oil in the world into a reality.