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The Peloponesse



The Peloponesse or Peloponnesus is a large peninsula and region in the south of Greece. It is the most southern province of mainland Greece, and its southernmost tip is the southernmost part of all of mainland Europe. The Peloponesse covers and area of 21,549 square kilometers and the famous Mount Taigetos being its highest point. The land is mountainous but it also contains rich agricultural land that has been farmed for thousands of years. In modern times, tourism and agricultural play important roles in the economy of the Peloponesse and amongst agricultural activities the most important is olive farming. Millions of olive trees, some hundreds of years in age, can be found all over the region, growing on rich mountain soil as well as fertile plains. It is in the south of Peloponnesus that Sparta, one of the most famous cities in the world can be found. Famous for its ancient warriors, Sparta is also proud of its excellent olives and extra virgin olive oil.