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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil






Organic Farming in the European Union and Greece:

As people all over the world have become more and more health conscious, organic farming and organic products have increased in popularity and consumers have become much more aware of what they purchase and what they put into their bodies. With the mass media, and especially the internet, consumers are much more informed about food products and production than ever before and the general perception is that organic foods are superior to nonorganic foods.

Organic farming is an agricultural system that strives to give consumers the best, highest quality, most natural, and freshest foods and in the process takes into account the vital role of nature and natural life cycle systems. Organic farming involves methods such as crop rotation, natural manure, biological pest control and mechanical methods to cultivate soil, produce crops and limit pests. It seeks to limit or totally exclude synthetic fertilizes and pesticides. It also excludes genetically modified foods and involves animal feed that is natural and free of hormones and chemicals.

In Europe, the European Union strictly monitors organic farming and products, and there are many laws, rules, and regulations that govern the cultivation, production, and sale of organic products. The European Union also sets out rules and legislation for products to carry the EU organic logo, which is difficult to obtain but very prestigious as it is recognized around the world as an assurance of quality organic goods. As of July 1, 2010 there will be new labelling rules and legislation that will be mandatory for all European Unions products on all pre-packaged organic food produced in the EU. The new laws seek to make the organic food system even better and ensure only the highest quality foods and truly organic products are recognized. Arogos Products organic foods carry the European Union organic labels and are subject to the strictest regulations in the world. Our EU certified organic olive oil would make even the ancient Greeks who were masters of the art of producing olive oil proud!

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DIO Symbol of Trust for Biological Products:

"DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products is a non-profit organization dealing with the inspection and certification of organic products in Greece and is among the eight largest certification organizations worldwide. DIO offers a wide range of certifications to farmers and producers throughout Greece and the certification are held valid worldwide thanks to mutual recognition agreements made with international certifying bodies. Products inspected and certified by DIO include: eggs, milk, various meat, citrus products and of course olives and olive oil. A DIO certification is very difficult, yet prestigious, to obtain."

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